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ROCKIN 247 RADIO APP for your smartphone. Android and IPhone. Download from Playstore or App Store. SEARCH: Rockin 247 Radio

Alexa Skills - On your Alexa device search for the skill Rockin 247 Radio and enable it. Then open your Alexa app and say 'Alexa open Rockin 247 Radio" OR On you Alexa device say "Alexa, enable Rockin two four seven radio skill". Once enabled all you need to say is "Alexa open rockin two four seven radio". Here is another way: Go to your Amazon account on a computer and log in. In the first box select 'Alexa Skills' then in the 2nd box put 'rockin 247 radio' and you will see what is in this image. Click on the Rockin 247 Radio image and it will open the skill. Click on ENABLE. Then it should work on your Alexa device by just saying 'Alexa play rockin twenty four seven radio'. But make sure your Alexa device is on the same account as where you enabled it.

Rockin 247 Radio DOES work with Alexa. There are a few ways you can do it. #1 Just say "Alexa, Enable Rocking Twenty Four Seven Radio". After that, each time just say "Alexa play rocking twenty four seven radio". #2 FOR USA Click on the link below. You must be on the same Amazon account as your Alexa. Then click on Enable. After you just say "Alexa play rocking twenty four seven radio". #3 For the UK. Again, you must be on the same account as your Alexa device. Then click on enable. After, you just say "Alexa play rocking twenty four seven radio".

Available on Tune In in the USA only. Just search Rockin 247 Radio

Get Me Radio have apps for Android and iPhone. You can hear other stations on the app as well. Plus on the their website. - Open in the app or website. Get the Free app on your phones app store. - listen on their website or get their app on your phone to listen.

Simple Radio App - Get the SIMPLE RADIO app from your app store. Then search for ROCKIN 247 RADIO and save as a favorite. THIS IS SIMILAR TO TUNE IN.

Alexa - Another way to use Alexa using Simple Radio. In order to enable Simple Radio on your Echo, say: "Alexa, enable Simple Radio skill" or you could do it through the store. Once you enable the Simple Radio skill, ask Alexa to play any station by saying: -"Alexa, ask Simple Radio to play ROCKIN 247 RADIO" -"Alexa, tell Simple Radio to play ROCKIN 247 RADIO" -"Alexa, tell Simple Radio to tune in ROCKIN 247 RADIO"

Skytune Internet Radio On your internet radio, search for Rockin 247 Radio

Listen direct to the live feed. Click on this image or this URL

Viva Las Vegas Website - We have a player on the VLV website. Top right.