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You can send in your recorded music as a whole CD as Mp3 tracks in Zip or RAR format or as individual tracks in MP3 format of no less than 128kbps 4410Hz via WeTransfer to

Send CD ‘s or Vinyl (45’s, Ep’s, LP’s) to our Postal Address at
PO Box 1773, Twentynine Palms .
CA 92277, USA

All mail and promotional correspondence is also sent to this address.
This also applies to any Label or independent recording company, band or promotional requirement.

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Mission Statement

ROCKIN 247 RADIO has been set up to provide the leading online radio station in the world for the Rockin’ Scene.

Vision Statement for Rockin 247 Radio
We will cover all genres of music from the Rockin scene including

  • Music from artists from the 50’s right through to the present day who play music that gets played in the Rockin’ clubs.
  • These genres include: Rockabilly, Rock’n’Roll, Rhythm n Blues, Doo Wop, Hillbilly, Western Swing, Rockin’ Blues, Early surf and more
  • We are a place where DJ’s will have a home where they will feel welcome and respected.
Guiding Principles
The following principles will guide all our work:

DJ’s will be involved in running the station, not just being a DJ on it.

Rockin 247 Radio is all inclusive and welcomes all listeners.

WE especially welcome people who know nothing about the music and are hearing it for the first time. All DJ’s are happy to converse with the listeners by email, social media etc.

Our Vision

Rockin 247 Radio is a truly global radio station run by people who have been active in the scene for many years and are known by people in the scene from all over the world.