I started in radio in 1984 in Houston TX at KTEK 110AM sellling advertising and running Sunday morning prerecorded church services. I moved to Massachusetts in 1995 and started assisting Markis Edmunds at WCUW on Blues Hit Big Town. I coordinated phone interviews, chauffeured visiting musicians from airports to venues, and coordinated events at WCUW and outside venues. In 2006 I moved to Maine and began working on the Board of Directors at WMPG. I left there in 2009 and took over the reins of Blues Hit Big Town after Markis left. In 2015 I took over the weekly Wednesday morning Crosstracks show and named it Hepcats Hillbillies and Rock n Roll, a rockabilly program with the tagline “Truck drivin’, Beer drinkin’, Train kinda songs.” In addition to my on-air work, I continued to present live acts and fundraising events for WCUW. In 2020 the COVID outbreak made me consider other options. I built a home recording studio and decided to produce my shows from there. I continued to record shows and they can be found on my Mixcloud channel Mass Max Music and WURN.NET. I also do a weekly show on 2009 to present and cover disabled athletes activities and Paralympics events from around the world.