Diamond D


My name is Diamond D, I’m proud to be a Yorkshire lass and was raised in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
I have been on the RnR scene since I was 14, and started Dj’ing when I was 18 at local gigs in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Nottinghamshire. I have Dj’d at various weekenders and all day events since the early 90’s. In addition to this, I am also one of the co-organisers of the Ted Stomp, held annually in Skegness, with my partners in crime, Hev and Joanie.
I love all aspects of the 50’s Rockin lifestyle, from rockin music, original clothes and glamour to the cars, bikes and furniture etc. It’s not what I do, but how I live my life.
I play a mix of rockin’ tunes from Classic RnR, to Rarities. I love it when I discover a newbie that I just can’t stop playing!
Diamond’s Motto’s are- “Ya can’t play Gene without playin Eddie and ya can’t play Eddie without playin Gene, its RnR Law” and “I’m a RnR Rebel”!!
The Diamond D Disk Delights show has grown over the last two years and now has a great international following.