I started DJin and running my own clubs at the tender age of 17 in my home town of Dunfermline, Fife Scotland, moving around various venues many rememeber and to name a few The Royal Hotel, Brucefield Hotel & Woodmill Miners Club where people travelled from far and wide to support and enjoy, at the same time I also started guest DJin at other organisers clubs all over Scotland and bigger events like all dayers on a regular basis. As friendships grew I formed various partnerships with other people and started jointly running lots of events all over Scotland eventually joining the fantastic team that ran The World Famous ” Spiders Web Club” in Edinburgh at the time I shut down my own clubs in Dunfermline as I was now traveling down South to do All Dayers & Weekenders on a regular basis along with so many gigs in Scotland. Early weekenders like Gypsy Green Stadium South Shileds, Brean Sands Rockin Weekenders where I worked with Tom Ingram amongst one who then approached me to DJ at Hemsby as he was starting up his own weekender, I went with Tom and never looked back, and after doing around 58 Hemsby’s I guess I am a regular face you could say. Tom also took me London to do bigger events he would organise like The Town & Country Club, I have also DJ’d over the years in London many times at The Glitzerama Ball, Boppin The Blues, Dingwalls etc. I have been so lucky also being asked DJ at The Rockabilly Rave, The Rhythm Riot, Rock Ridge / Southport Rumble, Viva Las Vegas on a regular basis, The Rockabilly Rave USA, The Shakedown, Welsh Rockabilly Fair and here in Scotland Rock N Roll Rampage which I also am part of the team who organise it as well as DJ at. So you could say I have been a very lucky person playing records all over the world to the crowd I am part of and the music I love, it is now my great privilege to join the great team of DJ’s who make up Rockin’ 247 Radio, this is a completely new experience for me and under the guidance of everyone on the team I hope this will become a natural progression sending great and happy music out over the stations airwaves.