“Howdy folks, I’m Mack Stevens!” is how the brash Texan always introduces himself to listeners around the world, whether on his radio show IN THE GROOVE or his wild live stage shows. He is always walkin’ proud, talkin’ loud, and drawin’ a crowd wherever he goes. He has a lifelong love for rockabilly music, having been raised on the tunes of Carl Perkins, Elvis, Cash and others since he was a wee toddler. He has made over 40 something LP records, CDs, 45 rpm and even 78 rpm records over the years, and has recorded over 500 songs, almost all rockabilly, hick country, or trashy blues. His show IN THE GROOVE reflects his personal taste for low-fi oddities, and his stream of consciousness hillbilly patter will delight you, unless you are a fan of longhair music (which cramps his style, as it did Don Woody’s). Give him a listen and you’ll stick around. He is wed to the love of his life, Karina (known as KARYREBEL), the Argentine bombshell who stole his heart at the 1st Viva Las Vegas back in 1998. They enjoy life, and when not on the radio or touring, Mack drives all over creation hunting down old records to sell, and has a Youtube channel featuring his exploits! Tune in, turn, on, stick around.