Growing up on all things Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and Hillbilly, it was all I knew and loved . At the age of 13 whilst attending one of my local Rock N Roll clubs and saying how I’d love to DJ one day, the host DJ at the event overheard me and said “go on then” handing the decks and his box of records over to me. I was thrown in at the deep end on decks I’d never used, going through the DJ’s box of records I’d never seen before – That’s it, I was hooked!  From then on it was all about collecting as many records as possible and trying to sneak as many out of my dads box as I could.

I have been lucky enough to play England’s top festivals such as The Rave, Hemsby, The Hoedown and the Shakedown as well as European festivals such as The High, Rockin Hillbilly and many gigs across the country.

I favour more towards the early authentic Rockabilly sound, but love all styles across the board of the rockin genre. I hope you like what I play and I can meet you at a gig soon.